How Can I Improve My Digital Marketing Content?

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How do we improve our digital marketing content to achieve the best ROI?

Know it or not, we all consume content daily. When you enter a question into a search engine, the results that appear are all in fact content. 

Guides, articles, videos, news, social media feeds, blog posts, memes. They’re all content!

Content helps to answer questions, keep us informed, answers our questions, entertains and more.

This is why content is so important! Providing valuable information to your target audience can support you and your business by attracting and engaging potential customers and retaining existing ones.

So, if you’re not creating content as part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out!

Here are 4 ways you can improve your content marketing:

1- Identify Your Target Audience

Before you start creating content, you must understand your target audience. Through this understanding, it opens up how you can target the right content, at the right time through the right channels.

Questions you need to consider include:

What content will be insightful to my audience?

What topics will they want to read about?

What are their motivations, pain points and intents?

These are all relevant questions to consider when building your content.

Try to discover questions that your potential customers are seeking the answer for and answer them! The more useful the content, the more likely your target audiences will want to engage and share it. 

Likewise, targeting your potential customers/target audience with irrelevant or uninspiring content will disengage them. Don’t make it hard for yourself to reach your customers.

There are a few really useful free tools that can help you to determine what questions web users are looking for around a certain topic. Sites like AnswerThePublic and AlsoAsked allow you to enter in a keyword about a specific topic and provide you with a wide range of questions based on data from Google!

2- Establish the Content’s Purpose

Next, establish a purpose for your content.

Different types of content can suit different purposes. For example, white papers can give expertise on subject matters in great detail, while videos can provide light-hearted entertainment in short, digestible chunks. 

Determine what you want to achieve from your content. Do you want to increase brand awareness, or do you want the reader to make an action? Let your marketing goals help you decide what type and purpose of the content you wish to create. For example, at Damteq, we want to promote ourselves as thought leaders in digital marketing and so we aim to post insightful blogs to help educate and prove to our audience that they can come to us for accurate and reliable information.

Having clear marketing goals can help guide the type of content you need to post.

It’s also important that you include a range of content types to include education, entertain, and inform subjects for your target audience.

3- Content Checklist

Proper planning prevents poor performance. You need to ensure your content has:

Identity – Your content should be an extension of your brand. Is the tone of voice consistent, and does it match the rest of your online identity? You want your audience to easily recognise that the content is coming from you.

Value – What value are you delivering to your audience? Insightful information, a promotion, a guide? Are you making sure you either: educate, entertain or inform?

Consistency – No matter the type of content, you want to maintain the same tone and style regardless of where the content is posted. This is important to reinforce your brand identity and allow your audience to recognise legitimate content from your brand versus competitors.

Action – Give your audience a clear call to action. For example, “Download our Guide”, “Contact us Today”. What action is your content driving? 

Elements of content:

Visuals such as photos and videos are great additions to your content and should be used! Just make sure the visuals match the subject matter.


Be concise and clear! Make it easy for your audience to find value in your content. Don’t confuse them with jargon and unnecessary lengthy content which could be concluded in two sentences.

For example, remove words from sentences which can shorten it without changing its meaning.

Here is an example:

Check out our shiny brand-new toaster. We’re super excited to share this ultimate leading toaster. It’s so fantastic and with its cutting-edge technology and we’re just over the moon to finally release the details. Make sure you read our groovy blog post for lots of insightful information.

Refined to:

We’re proud to introduce our latest toaster. We’re excited to share this industry-leading development in toaster technology. Its cutting-edge details and improvements can be discovered in our latest blog post.

Same meaning, same call to action. Keep your audience’s attention with concise writing.

Don’t forget to edit!

Editing is just as important as writing the content itself. This is where you can fine-tune and optimise your content, whether it be for a social post, SEO or any other marketing function.

4- Finally, be human!

Focus on the human aspect of your subject, to avoid your content seeming robotic. Connect with your audience on a personal level, build an online community on your social media platform and engage with them wherever you can. Be a storyteller for your brand through the content you create and remember that we’re all human.

Content creation varies depending on your digital marketing campaign goals and business. However, once you have these goals established, you’ll be able to generate content that connects with your audience and helps to grow your business too.

Are you getting the results you want for your business from your marketing content?

We hope the above points will help you and your brand or business to create some truly valuable content and bring you the results you’re after. If you feel as though you still need a hand tackling your digital marketing, contact our team today!

We have plenty of professional copywriters in-house than can help you produce quality content for your audience.

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