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Whilst the above heading is merely a cheap output of a five second thought, hopefully it’s got your attention and if you read on, you can find out some top tips for writing effective headlines for blog posts and articles.

10 good reasons to read on
Well at least five reasons but generally, this blog is designed to give you a decent amount of tips to create headlines of your own. The first one being that numbers are a good way of grabbing attention and showing quantitatively how much the reader stands to gain from the post.

Throw in a cheeky adjective
If it’s been a while since your school days and you’re not so hot on word classes then an adjective is essentially a describing word. Adjectives can really add flair to what might otherwise be a dry subject and the list is endless so try out some different ones and see how they fair in gaining your readers’ interest.

Short and sweet
For many reasons, short headlines are more effective than longer ones. In the days of telegrams it was cost effective to get your point across in fewer words. Now in the digital age, shorter messages are the norm across many formats. Think about email subject lines, Google searches and Twitter. With the latter, a tweet is limited to 140 characters but clearly it works as a method of communication for millions of users and perhaps it is unfair to suggest that the number of characters permitted is a restriction.

Mention Michael Jackson
Whilst the above may not be the most appropriate example, referring to a celebrity or well-known company works in headlines as visitors recognise the name and want to find out more. Even if you soon realised the reference to the King of Pop was just a gimmick, hopefully it still got you interested enough to read this paragraph and learn more about writing effective headlines.

Why should I read your blog?
Posing a question or offering an answer by using the ‘How to’ framework sits naturally with the thought processes of a reader. We read articles for a reason and if you can show visitors what they can learn from your blog within a tactical heading then they are more likely to be inclined to read on.

Before you go…
Just wanted to create a sense of urgency so that you read the conclusion. You can create similar headings by getting across to your readers that they must take action otherwise they will miss out on what you are offering them.

Remember, blogging is all about trying out different ways to reach your audience by giving them something to read about. Of course, the headline is only the beginning and the quality of the content also has to be worthwhile to warrant visitors staying on your site. Think about the headlines that grab your attention and see if you can create them on your site to give your visitors that same experience.

This guest post was written by Rebecca Allen.

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