Your guide on setting up a domain name

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Setting up a website involves a variety of steps that one needs to follow if they want to get the best deal for your site in the end. Other than the obvious thing – finding a designer to do the site for you and getting a good deal onhosting – you are also going to have to register the site’s desired URL, so that people can access it in the first place.

You can do this in different ways depending on the type of URL you are looking to get. Sometimes, if you are on a budget, you might want to go with a free one – these are offered by various companies in the form of “” where “companyname” is the name of the firm you’re using for the registration. This is obviously not the ideal solution if you want something easily memorable and short, but like we said it is free from most companies so it can work in a pinch.

A much better option, however, is to go with a standard URL – registered with a so-called top-level domain, this URL will take the form of “” This is obviously a much better option if you want to help people remember your company’s website more easily, and it looks much more professional.

To make things easier, contact us and we can set up your domain name and hosting for you

Another aspect to consider is what domain name you would want to book. If you are running a business registered under a particular name, you cannot go too far from the name of the company. If you are starting a fresh new entity online, you should look for something that matches the service or feature you offer, and one that people can recollect easily. Spend as much time on choosing the domain as you can, and take suggestions from everyone you can. After all, this is the name will epitomize your business.

Registering a domain name like that can be done through various companies on the Internet, including us, and the cost tends to be more or less the same across all of them – the differences lie in the more subtle aspects of their services, like their support features and how quickly they can transfer those domain names when you need them to.

The price you will have to pay will vary depending on what you are trying to get. Different top level domains, abbreviated as TLDs have different prices – .com tends to be the more balanced solution as it is pretty cheap, while some country-specific TLDs can be very expensive. They may additionally come with limitations on what the name can be (for example, Bulgarian TLDs can only be registered to match a valid company’s name or your own name, and they cost a lot of money as well).

Price is paid annually, and in most cases, you can get a much better deal if you register your domain name for several years instead of just one – but of course you should make sure that this is the exact name you’ll want to keep before paying more money for a long-term registration like that

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