Graphic & Design: Expressionist

Inspiration Reading Time: 1 minute

Damteq’s Marketing and Content Exec shares her trend insight that is set to inspire all aspects of design in the creative industries for 2013 and beyond.

When realising these ink-like sketches were in fact wire sculptures, I was astounded by the work of Lisbon born sculptor/artist David Oliveira. This is a mezmerising theme that sits as part of a bigger trend in art and design for expressionist inspired visuals, conveying a highly creative aesthetic set to influence web design, logo and brochure design in the creative industries.

Oliveira offers a unique interpretation of this style in an exciting, interactive method. We love how lightweight and ethereal the scultpures appear in contrast to how traditional sculptural pieces convey extreme weight and solidity.

Although Oliveira has been in the art circuit for a few years, we expect to see a lot more to come for this artist.

Click here to visit David Oliveira’s official blog.


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