Hackable Camera Makes Awesome GIFs and Sends Them To Your Smartphone!

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Meet OTTO, the hackable GIF camera. Currently just over halfway to its $60,000 goal on its Kickstarter page, OTTO is a customizable camera powered by Raspberry Pi.

On top of the brightly coloured camera is a rotating crank that pops up and folds out. Crank it to make a GIF and when you’re done, simply rewind the crank and OTTO automatically sends the GIF to your smartphone!


The camera can do more than just GIFs too; timelapses, self timer and ‘modes’, which are essentially experimental effects. Anyone can change the modes and hack the camera however they want (and it’s encouraged).

Backers that pledge $149 or more can pick up an OTTO in time for Christmas 2014 at a lower than release cost price. Check out the Kickstarter launch video below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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