3 Tips to Gain Social Media Fans, Rather Than Followers

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Are You Aiming For Social Media Followers or Fans?

A high follower count can give your social media profile a successful look at first glance, but a real insight into how well a page is doing is through the engagement it gets. An account can have thousands of followers but if it doesn’t have fans, then the followers count for very little.

Gaining and retaining social media fans should always be the aim no matter which platforms you’re active on. By having fans it enable you to grow your account and retain your followers.

Fans engage with your platform by sharing and reposting your content onto their own social media pages. This helps to grow your account, getting it seen by your fans audience, who may may not be aware of what you have to offer.

What’s a Social Media Fan?

A fan is a user that actively looks out for your content on their feeds. They value your content and feel connected to you or your brand. Fans are more likely to engage and share your posts on their own social media network.

Listen and Learn

Listen to what your audience is saying about your content. Do they enjoy or dislike your current social media strategy?

By listening to your audience’s feedback, you will be able to provide the correct value to your followers. As a result you will be able to position yourself as a ‘top source’ within your industry.

Reply to All Direct Messages

The power of direct messaging is underrated. Spending time engaging in this way can help develop and build relationships.

Communicating with your audience via social media also shows your audience that you care about them contacting you, regardless of the matter.

This provides a personal touch to the customer service that you offer, no matter how big or small the account is.

Engage Back

If your audience has taken the time to engage with your content, you should invest time engaging back to them on each post. Their comments and likes will be the fuel to power your growth.

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