5 Best Ways to Boost Your Online Exposure by Blogging

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Brands and working professionals, take note, blogging is your key to marketing success…

As social media continues to dominate the internet, blogging has become an integral power tool boosting brand exposure and self- promotion. Blogging creates connections between people and companies and is great for SEO (search engine optimisation); it induces site traffic and online prominence meaning your name or brand can become easily accessible to anyone on the net. Follow these five easy steps from Graduate Recruitment Bureau to establish yourself on the web and heighten your company’s visibility.


The first step is to understand the focus of your blog and who your target audience is. Who do I want to read my blog? Is there a large search volume for my audience? What makes my blog different to others and will it be of value to my audience? Keep these questions in mind to ensure you know exactly what your blog is all about and that readers will find it useful. Also be aware of who your competitors are on Google. Keep an eye out for their activity so you can find ways of improving your blog to override them on Google rankings.


The title is probably the most crucial aspect as it’s the first glimpse and impression readers get of your blog.  Does the title stand out and would it grab your attention if you saw it listed on Google? Use the Google keyword tool for ideas and use the titles that have the most search volume with less competition, as it gives your blog a higher chance coming up on Google. Make sure the title is eye catching – Top 10’s work well as they are easy to digest, and negative titles such as ‘ways to ruin your CV’ or ‘what NOT to do in an interview’ work well too.


You want to make your readers interested and excited to read your blog, so keep it insightful and distinctive. Provide blog posts that your readers will find useful, but reflect your company’s tone and business approach within the style of your pieces. Your blog is a reflection of you/your company, so don’t bore readers with generic sounding content, show  them what you are all about and remember to keep it relevant to what your blog is all about.

5 Ways to Boost Online Exposure BloggingAlso, don’t underestimate the impact of perfect grammar. Get it right, people will subconsciously view you professionally, get it wrong it stands out like a sore thumb. Spelling mistakes and misuse of commas and apostrophes look very unprofessional, so keep attentive when proofreading.


There isn’t much point putting time into writing a great blog post if nobody can see it. Share your post on all of your company’s social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) and get friends and family to share it too. This is the easiest and most effective way to induce your visibility, so don’t be shy to share it with the social media world.

To make an even bigger impact, contact some big influencers in your industry on social media, and research what your contacts usually tweet/post about. This gives them even more reason to share it. Placing bait in your blog post that can get their attention is also worth trying. For example, if you have a travel blog and you’re writing a guest post on the top hotels to visit this year, tweet the hotels you have mentioned in the blog post, telling them they have been included. They should hopefully feel more inclined to share it with their contacts as it is exposure for them too.

However, there’s a fine line from bombarding your connections with content every few hours; keep your posts sporadic and spaced out to keep your audience interested rather than swamped.


The uploading of content on your blog needs to remain consistent. Have a routine of when you upload new blog posts so your readers can expect when to read your latest content, but to also keep them interested. Don’t blitz your readers with half a dozen posts in a day but don’t then leave the next one for another couple of months either.

People like routine so keep your readers on their toes, update your blog regularly and your visitors will start returning. Consider producing evergreen content too that can be revisited but spun a little differently: summer articles on BBQ tips, money saving tips for Christmas – these are pieces that can be read and used every year and won’t lose value. Happy Blogging!

[button size=”small” url=”https://www.damteq.co.uk/marketing” text=”Find out More About the Benefits of Blogging”] [divider line=”true”] Written by Yasmin Codron, Marketing Assistant & Online Researcher at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau. Her work involves writing insightful and advice based content for job seekers. Many Thanks.


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