Weekly Marketing Campaign Round-up: Exploding Petrol Stations, Healthy Scarecrows and more!

Marketing Reading Time: 2 minutes

I’ve found some brilliant campaigns to share this week, possibly some of my favourite of 2013 for their simplicity (we love Simple Creativity at Damteq!)

1. #L1F3 [ view ]

A giant submarine with the hashtag #L1F3 appeared to have crashed near Milan’s iconic Duomo cathedral on a Tuesday morning, a baffled Russian captain emerged from the submarine to give an interview to the camera crew. Of course, the submarine didn’t crash, it was all just a marketing campaign that managed to generate much hype around the hashtag printed on the side of the submarine for an Italian insurance company!

2. ‘Do’ App – Do Faster in 17 Minutes [ view ]

This advert for the productivity app, Do, makes an otherwise boring and hard to market app the centre of a cute and funny ad. The advert focuses around an elderly man on his death bed, wanting to get his friends together before he passes and he does so by using the ‘Do’ app. The humorous twist at the end shows the light-heartedness of the product and works perfectly.

3. NZI – The Devil’s Chair [ view ]

NZIIn this excellent 60 second CGI advert created by Assembly, an evil chair makes its way around a small town. When in the person’s possession, things start to go wrong, from flooding  to exploding petrol stations, the devil’s chair remains intact. The tagline at the end: “Bad’s not going anywhere. Neither are we.” summarises the preceding story perfectly when it turns out to be an advert for New Zealand insurance company, NZI.

4. Chipotle – The Scarecrow [ view ]

scarecrowChipotle, a Mexican American restaurant is big on making food with integrity that hasn’t been massed produced. The concept in this advert is based around a scarecrow protecting decent food and trying to bring back natural products that haven’t been chemically altered. Backed by Fiona Apple’s rendition of the song ‘Pure Imagination’ from the 1971 film, ‘Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory’, this advert will tug on your emotions and help to change your attitude towards the food that you consume. The campaign also features a brilliant game that’s available for Apple devices, featuring the same loveable characters as seen in the advert!

5. Business In The Community – Skip Ad [ view ]

skipadNon-profit marketing firm, Leo Burnett Change, have created a fake YouTube advert that features the well known skip ad button. The ad shows an ex-convict explaining his case at a job interview, if you choose not to skip and hear his whole message, he will become more confident in getting a job. However, if you click the skip button, the video will start again multiple times but with the candidate more desperate in his plea to have someone listen, which really sends out a strong message.

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