Etiquette of Facebook: a businesses guide.

General Reading Time: 2 minutes

When your business establishes a presence on Facebook, you are agreeing to be a good friend and neighbour. Used correctly Facebook is a means to launch your business into new heights, but if you’re not careful Facebook can do more harm than good. It seems crazy that going in to 2015, we still have businesses on Facebook asking us to like this status if you love dogs, or share for cats. The truth is Facebook etiquette is a very sensitive subject when you’re a business and money and more importantly reputation is on the line. Follow these 5 simple rules of Facebook to boost your campaign.

  1. Be thoughtful before you post: it’s more than likely you have hundreds even thousands of Facebook friends; you have people from all different kinds of backgrounds, with different interests, religions etc. Think before you post. If your posting as a business stay away from topics such as religions and politics.
  2. Respond to all comments, good & bad: there is nothing worse than a company who ignores all negative comments or even worse deletes them. Facebook gives the chance for your customers to speak up, listen to them, and talk back. Social media is about starting conversion after all.
  3. Don’t over post: Bombarding your followers with post after post will lead to one thing and one thing only. Hitting the unlike button. It’s simple. It’s okay to update several times a day but timing is key, space posts out over the course of the day. Scheduling your posts will help with this.
  4. Be respectful to other businesses: and they will be respectful to you.
  5. The 80:20 rule: Possibly the most important rule of all, entertain and inform your followers first and sell to them second. This means engage with your followers before selling to them, no one likes a page that shouts at them like a grocery market. You are more likely to make that sale if you’re a page that your customer enjoys reading.

So there you have it 5 easy etiquette tips for Facebook. Stick by these and you should have the beginnings of a pretty successful social media campaign. Do bear in mind that a lot of companies outsource a social media strategy these days; social media is an important factor in raising brand awareness and connecting with your customers. Get in touch with Damteq if you would like to have a dedicated team of experts managing your social media platforms.