Turning Digital: Keeping Your Business Afloat During a Crisis

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Digital Marketing During COVID 19

The world feels like it’s on pause, but our adaptation to the digital world is thriving now more than ever before. COVID-19 has pushed up internet usage by 70% according to Forbes. Which is why now, more than ever the spotlight is being put on digital marketing during COVID 19.

Brand Awareness – Every Business Needs It:

Having an online presence and brand awareness helps familiarise your target audience with your brand in order to make it more recognisable and reputable.

Establishing brand awareness is most valuable when promoting products, services and your business.

Need to find something out? Google it.

Fancy a fizzy drink? Coca-Cola.

New phone? Apple or Android.

For small businesses, brand awareness is just as important to reach your audience, even if they’re not buying right now, they may remember you in the future.

B2C Websites and UX:

More than ever people at home are learning new hobbies and are pursuing things they never had time to do before. With that comes the spurge of online shopping.

A lot of Ecommerce sites may be experiencing a skyrocket of orders online.

If you’re noticing an increase in website traffic, but nothing in conversions then it could be that your website is delivering a poor user experience.

This is the time now to make sure your website is getting it right, is the content good enough to sell? Is the user journey effortless and easy? Is the checkout process more complicated than it needs to be? Are your products being presented in the best light?

Having a web agency to perform a UX review and revamp some of your website can really help your conversions.

Get your website up to scratch so your audience can convert and in the long-term, commit to your products.

B2B Selling:

Right now, every business is just trying to get by. While some have had to stop business for the foreseeable future, others still need to provide a service to those businesses.

Trying to sell to a business who has furloughed most of its staff is not going to be the forefront of their investment strategies right now, even if it does benefit them.

If you’re a B2B service provider, then think of other ways to communicate with your target audience.

Offer free support, virtual meetings, talk business plans after COVID-19. Doing this will help reassure that business that you’re going to be there for them long-term.

Don’t try and utilise COVID-19 as a selling point, this is hopefully a short-term phenomenon, you need to think of long-term successes.

Be compassionate, understand ‘not right now’ really does mean not right now. The circumstances we’re all facing are tough, but they will need you after this is all over.

Re-evaluate your content and sales, don’t go for the harsh “buy now while you can”, “Your business needs this during a crisis!’’ in the current circumstances, your sales to these businesses are nowhere near as important as COVID-19.

For more business advice, digital marketing during COVID 19 and website optimisation contact us today for a free virtual digital marketing workshop.

No gimmicks, no hard sales, just honest advice for your business during this uncertain time.

Stay safe.