The Digital Doctor: Should I use Instagram for my business?

General Reading Time: 2 minutes

Are you thinking about putting your business on Instagram, with over 200 million active users and 60 million photo posts every day, it’s no wonder why. Instagram is fast becoming one of the most popular Smartphone apps, and a fun visual way of sharing your products and your brand. For those of you haven’t heard Instagram is an image based social networking sites where users can share visual content. If you are considering using the social media giant, this blog will give you some ideas on what to post.

  1. Stop thinking Instagram only works if you sell visual products.

This is completely false, and only lazy marketers will believe this.  If anything it’s a goal to find valuable, compelling and entertaining content, photos of just your product don’t make the cut any more. Instagram is less about selling your product but creating brand loyalty and showcasing your business as a whole.


Carnival parade Bestival 2014 – @bestival
Bestival carnival parade

  1. Go behind the scenes

If there’s anything a customer loves, it’s a sneak peek. Doing a photo shoot, interview or press release? These are the moments that few people get to experience in real life, use Instagram as a way of giving them a VIP backstage pass. Customers love feeling exclusive!

Behind the scenes at Victoria’s Secret 2014 fashion show – @victoriassecretVictoria Secret behind the scene

  1. Feature you customers

Customers are you brands greatest advocates, encourage your customers to Instagram themselves wearing, using, eating or interacting with your product/ service. Instagram is all about showing the experience of your brand, and it makes you appear less like a big scary business and more human if you’re connecting with your customers and they’re connecting with you.



A happy couple on board a Virgin flight – @virginamerica
Virgin featuring couples


  1. Show how it’s made

How it’s made is a testament to our curiosity about where our goods come from, let your followers see the journey of how it all started. Market the fact that it’s handmade in the UK from sustainable goods, your followers will love you all the more for it.

A Krispy Kreme production line – @krispykremeKrispy Kreme how its made

  1. Let them see what it’s like to work for you

People who follow their favourite brands have probably thought “what’s it like to work there?” Well show them! Post photos of your day to day life in the office, team meetings, the canteen, the more the better! It will make you more attractive to job applicants and is an excellent way of finding new employees.

Google offices – @googleGoogle HQ

  1. Show a sense of style

More importantly, show your sense of style. Use Instagram’s filters to help give your photo an artsy effect, but remember there is no filter in the world that will turn a Wayne Rooney into a David Beckham. Your photos must fit in with the style your company is trying to portray, if you’re a fun milkshake parlour avoid greyscale effects and highlight bright colours instead.

All saints black and white photo – @allsaintsAll saints Instagram


With Instagram the possibilities are endless; it’s the best platform to be able to create a brand image. Instead of telling consumers what you’re all about, show them. Let them behind closed doors and in to where the magic happens. Be creative, be imaginative and most of all be original.