The Digital Doctor – The best features on IOS 8

General Reading Time: 3 minutes

There are some pretty awesome new features on IOS 8, some of the best are the ones you probably didn’t know even existed, that’s because Apple has hidden a collection of new tricks deep into the new mobile software and some aren’t easy to find, but we’ve managed to dig them out for you.

Hide photos

  1. Hide embarrassing photos

You can now remove photos from the Years, Collections and Moments views and keep it hidden in its album. Tap and hold a photo in the Photos app and the option to “hide” the photo will appear. No one needs to see those embarrassing photos.

  1. Recover deleted photos

If you lose count of how many photo’s you accidently delete, well now it’s possible to bring them back. On the IOS 8 software there is a recently deleted album, which stores deleted photos for up to 30 days before they’re gone for good.

Deleted photos

  1. Quick reply

The long awaited feature of quick reply is finally here, it allows you to respond to notifications without actually having to unlock your phone and go into the app. When a notification comes up simply swipe downwards on it and you will be able to reply.

  1. Turn your phone black and white

Go greyscale, for those who want to give their phone a monochrome flare, visit General > Accessibility and turn on the Greyscale mode. Everything on your phone will be displayed in black and white.

Timed selfie

  1. Take timed selfies

And because we don’t take enough, Apple has made it even easier to take selfies! There is a new feature that allows you to take timed photos, allowing you a 3 or 10 second delay to get into the shot. Open the camera app and select the clock icon and set the timer.

  1. Siri and Shazam have joined forces

Siri and Shazam, the music identification service, have finally joined forces. If you wish to know what song is playing, simply ask Siri, “what song is playing,” and the Shazam in her will let you know.

Hey siri

  1. Hey Siri

Talking to Siri is now even easier, you can ask her a question by just saying “hey Siri,” and without even having to hold the home button. Visit General  > Settings > Siri and toggle “Allow Hey Siri,” but this feature will only work when your phone is connected to a power outlet.

  1. Credit card scanner

When you’re making a purchase via the Safari browser, you’ll be shown the option to scan your credit card, instead of having to manually type in all your details. The feature will automatically be visible above the keyboard as you begin typing, after selecting it hold your credit card inside the frame (as shown by your camera) and it will securely capture the information for you.


  1. Find my Iphone

If you’ve ever lost your phone on a night out/ a festival/ a holiday, you’ll know just how useless the “Find My iPhone” app is if your phone’s battery has run out. Now a new feature for the app allows you to track down your phone even if it’s dead. Go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone/ iPad and select Sent Last Location. You need never lose a phone again!

10. Exit annoying group conversations

Thank god Apple has finally created an option to leave group conversations. Under details in a conversation on Imessage, there is now an option to exit the conversation. Alternatively if you’re not watching the same programme as your friends or just fancy a bit of peace and quiet, you can silence the notifications with the “do not disturb” option but stay in the conversation.

We are loving these new features, but still the question remains when are Apple going to make battery life last longer than a day!