Digital Doctor: How to create the perfect Christmas marketing campaign.

General Reading Time: 2 minutes

Seen as the likes of John Lewis, and Starbucks have rolled out their Christmas marketing campaigns, it’s time to start thinking about yours. For so many major and independent brands the festive period is the biggest and most expensive marketing campaign of the year, getting it right is crucial. But what features define a successful Christmas Campaign? Here are a few small things you can do, to entice the Christmas shoppers.

  1. Add a touch of festive spirit to your social media platforms. Why not pop a Santa hat on your logo, or create a banner that includes a Christmassy message, make it look bright and cheerful. Of course this goes for every holiday; vampire fangs at Halloween, hearts on Valentine’s Day, but remember there is such thing as overkill. Be tasteful.
  2. Don’t bombard customers with sales messages. The 80:20 rule still applies, that’s 20% of posts should be sales related. Be skilful in what you post. If you’re a baker post delicious Christmas recipe ideas that include your products, this way customers don’t feel as if they’re having products forced in their faces.
  3. Run festive themed competitions/ promotions. Why not create your very own digital advent calendar, giving your customers a different gift on each day. Or a social media campaign encouraging customers to take a Christmas selfie, Costa Coffee did this very well last year. It’s not all about sales; it’s about getting your name out there. Be fun with it and be creative, have a look at what your competitors are doing.
  4. We all know the struggles of Christmas shopping. It’s without a doubt the worst time to enter a department store. So get mobile. Online sales have increased by 19% in the past 2 years, if your online store isn’t easy to use or doesn’t work on mobile devices, you will more than likely lose customers.
  5. Having a successful marketing campaign is all about getting in the spirit of things. So get the fairy lights out, hang your stockings, and decorate your store/ office. Go all out and offer mince pies and hot chocolates, (if you have the budget). Food and drink is always a good way to tempt potential shoppers.
  6. The last piece of advice is to start planning now. Without meaning to scare you, there is less than 7 weeks until Christmas!

Always remember to measure the success of your marketing campaigns, use tracking codes to help you learn what worked and what didn’t, and you’ll have a excellent head start for next year.