The Digital Doctor: How to avoid getting distracted by Social Media.

Social Media Reading Time: 2 minutes

Social media is a huge vortex and on average we spend 21 hours A WEEK browsing sites like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.  We all know the feeling of sitting behind a desk with a massive report or assignment to write, but our fingers just can’t help but click our bookmarked favourite social media site. Just a quick browse you say, I just need to check something, a few hours and a good old gossip later it’s 10 o’clock and that blank page is still staring begrudgingly back at you. If you can’t help but be lured away by the siren call of Facebook, then you need to read these tips on how to avoid procrastination.

  1. Turn off auto logins – I don’t know about you but I can’t remember the last time I actually logged in to any of my social media sites, they’re always just there ready and waiting for me. But log out, and turn off your auto logins, having to manually enter your password will give you a bit of extra time to think if you actually need to tell the world how stuck you are on this market analysis report. It will also stop those tempting notifications from popping up! The hard bit is actually remembering your password after all these years!
  2. Turn off your wireless – If you don’t require the internet then turn it off! Problem solved!
  3. Reduce notification noises – The little ping of a new notification is like a voice in your head saying “open me, open me,” it’s extremely hard to resist. Turning the notification noise down, or even better off, will allow you to concentrate on your work. Plus 80% of the time those emails are just junk mail, if it’s urgent someone will call.
  4. Have a clear work space – a clean and organised desk will encourage a more focused attitude. Put your phone or tablet at least 1 metre out of reach and avoid completing work snuggled up in bed, yes it’s comfy, but you will associate work with falling asleep there’s just too much temptation!Cleandesk
  5. Download Anti Social – it’s an app that blocks certain social networking sites for a certain period of time from 15 minutes or if you’re feeling really determined 8 hours, if you really feel the need to cheat the only way round it is to reboot your computer!
  6. Give your friends your passwords – if things have got really bad, and you just can’t help refreshing your Instagram feed every 10 minutes; it’s time for a drastic measure. Give your passwords to a friend, and tell them to change all of the passwords until after that final exam or deadline. Of course only give passwords to a friend you really trust and that can’t be bribed, remember it’s for your own good!

So stop procrastinating and get to work. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish!