Digital Doctor: 5 great print adverts of 2014

Marketing Reading Time: 2 minutes

It takes a lot to come up with a good print advertisement. There are a lot of companies out there who got it right, but there are also those who got it oh so wrong. Damteq has shortlisted its 5 favourite adverts from 2014 for you to take a look at. Take inspiration if you’re looking to create your own advertisement and remember a great campaign starts with a great idea, and finished with excellent execution.enhanced-buzz-wide-26884-1366111423-5

5. Whiskas takes George Logan’s stunning wildlife photography and Photoshops in a domestic cat, proving there’s a big cat in every little cat. A charming and playful advert, the campaign is successful in explaining a feline’s natural instincts are rooted in the behaviours of their somewhat scarier wild cousins. The advert appeals to all the cat lovers out there who recognise these wild traits in their beloved tabby, from scratching posts to hunting at night.

pepsi4. Advertising that makes reference to its competitors is always dangerous, but this risqué yet totally awesome ad is pure brilliance. A simple concept that went immediately viral, Pepsi welcomed the Halloween season by poking fun at its rivals Coca-cola. This advert is proof that although the two big brands are head to head in the food & drink industry, they are still prepared to have a bit of fun with each other, and have a bit of fire in their bellies. A risk that most definitely paid off, and got everyone talking.

pedigree3. There’s always room for that silly, why not, advertisement. And Pedigree did just that. The advert shows an overweight dog stuck in a dog flap, whilst its unsworn enemy, the cat, makes the most of its misfortune. As we all know obesity in pets is sadly an increasing problem, Pedigree’s highly creative, light-hearted and witty ad proves an effective way of getting an individual to purchase the diet dog food or at least adhere to some advice.

print-ads-122. The ‘Mom’s demand action’ group based in America created this hard hitting advert to question the current gun laws in America. Whilst one child is holding a Kinder Egg, the other a gun, the reader is asked which item is banned in America. It’s very simple and plays on the readers emotions, but does what it’s supposed to do, make you think. The dull colour scheme gives the ad a sombre feeling, and the wording is enough to get the powerful message across. A truly great advert.

creative-print-ads-1011. Possibly our favourite print advertisement of them all is Guiness’s phones down ad. There’s nothing worse than going out for a drink with your friends who just sit playing on their phones right? The Irish brewery agrees, putting out an ad which shows a stack of phones, cleverly shaped into a pint sized shape, on top of the bar. It’s a plea for beer drinkers everywhere to go out and enjoy beer as it should be, with friends, not through the screen of a phone. A very clever ad.