The difference between Marketing and Advertising

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Everyday products are rammed in your face as you are told buy this. Being told what products you need has become a regular occurrence in the general public. Many people use it to help them decide what they want. But people don’t understand what is actually going on.
Marketing is the activities of a business that can help promote the use of their products and services. This involves planning what strategy a business wants to take so they can increase their sales. There are many ways a company can market themselves but as mentioned before there are things a business needs to do before they start doing this.

Firstly they need to establish a target audience to which they plan to market and when doing this they need to be sensible. If your company offers luxury cars you won’t market your products to the lower class population as no one in that audience is likely to be able to afford the products although they may want it. As well as this the strategy that you choose to take needs to show off the benefits of your product and why the customer needs it. Just in case things do not go to plan the strategy needs to be flexible so that you can respond to changes so no matter what happens things benefit you.

Marketing includes much more than just offering a product as it has many other operations underneath it. Public relations are very important when it comes to marketing as if they keep the public happy they are more likely to use the company’s products. So if something bad about the business appears in the media the business will do something to counteract this and make themselves look good instead. Market research is just as important in themarketing area as this can create a direction for the advertisements.

This will look at whether or not the public would be interested in a certain product then if they are which part of the public prefer it. If young people like the product more than adults then the product will be advertised to the young population. There are other parts of marketing and all of these are vital as they can help a business succeed and help a business fail.

Advertising refers to an activity of producing advertisements that actually offer the product to the consumer. This is only part of a marketing strategy but it is probably the most important part. With advertising there are many forms that it can take. The ways that you can offer your product to a potential customer are not limited with Television, Radio and Magazine ads proving extremely popular. Internet advertising is increasing in popularity as there are more and more people online. This creates a worldwide audience to for your products whereas with TV, radio, etc you are limited to a certain area. Advertising will follow the marketing strategy by having a target audience as well as a main aim. Advertising always has an aim and generally it will offer a new product or something new about a product.

As well as this is may be offering a lower price so that you can increase sales. Advertising actually interacts with a customer which marketing does not. It can be used to attract potential customers or just to get loyal customers to try a new product underneath the same brand.

The information above shows that marketing is about the general activities of a business to try and generate more sales for a business. Whereas advertising is more about directly offering your product or service to the consumer to get them interested.

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