Design Round-Up (3rd December)

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Another week of brilliant design and another design round-up post for the Damteq blog, take a look at what’s taken our fancy this week!

1. Flat Car Logos

With flat design becoming increasingly popular, it was only a matter of time before people took to the logos that we recognise and made them flat. Some of these work nicely, with others seeming a little bit too simplistic, however, whether the big companies decide to go flat or not with their future design is a completely different matter!

2. Interactive British Airways Adverts

BA along with advertising agency, Ogilvy 12th Floor have designed these brilliant interactive billboards that react to show children pointing to the planes flying directly above, along with information including its flight number and route. It’s a great design that’s cute, different and goes well with the campaign’s Twitter hashtag, #lookup.

3. Edible Business Cards

To stand out, you need to have an interesting or different approach to business cards, that’s going to break the ice with a potential new client when you hand it over and these will do just that! Created by meat business card specialists,, beef jerky is laser-etched and remains edible for up to a year, delicious.

4. BBC World Billboard

An old advert, but a great one; when BBC World became available in America, BBDO created an advertisement utilising a corner billboard, that requires you to look at both sides of it to see what it’s advertising as well as ‘both sides of the story’.

5. Parent-Children Collaborations

This one might not be worthy of any design awards, but user ‘Tatsputin’ has created waves on Reddit with his brilliantly cute remastering of his children’s work.

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