Design Pick of the Week!

Marketing Reading Time: 1 minute

This week, it’s all about the new John Lewis Christmas advert. Have you seen it yet?

For those that haven’t seen it yet, the all important song is Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ covered by Lily Allen, whose vocals are just perfect for this advert – soft and sweet yet peppered with her signature London twang. The story itself is simple yet utterly engaging, heart warming and above all, Christmassy.

The ‘Bear and Hare’ cartoon, with an aesthetic reminiscent of Animals of Farthing Wood, plus many more I’m sure, draws in childhood nostalgia that will resonate with many viewers of all ages. A detail I’m certain John Lewis is fully aware of. I’m not going to narrate the story; the song and the cartoon speak for itself so watch it now below!

John Lewis really know how to convey the anticipation and joy of giving that perfect present without overly commercialising the message. A feat that is by no means easy in this competitive industry. The £1million spent on the advert is certainly worth it. Move over Coca Cola, John Lewis has me every year! #bearandhare

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