How to create an email newsletter people will actually read!

General Marketing Reading Time: 2 minutes

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So your company is sending out emails every so often filled with sales offers and products but no one is even reading them let alone responding.

Here are 6 steps you can take to create email newsletters that people will actually read.

  1. Focus – Figure out the topicemailblog_featured

Too many emails get sent out without a really clear reason. If your ready can’t easily tell what you want them to read they won’t read any of your emails in future. Keep your email focused on one main topic with a few other topics if you really think they are necessary.

  1. Inform don’t sell

Your primary reason for sending out this newsletter should be to inform not sell. People want to learn information rather than be told what to do. Try to get your content around 90% informational and 10% promotional.

  1. Be consistentBE-CONSISTENT

To develop a core audience you need to send out your emails on a regular basis. Pick a date or day of the week and start sending your emails out. This will help to build anticipation for your emails and show you off as being a consistent brand.

  1. Change up your subject Line

We’ve all had those emails that turn up once a week with exactly the same subject line. To start with it seems like a nice consistent message but after a while you start to ignore them because there is no incentive to open the email and read what’s inside. Get creative with your subject lines so that you give you’re a reader a real reason to open your email.

  1. Keep things minimalToo many CTAs

The end goal of your email isn’t to have someone spend the day reading it. The goal is to get them to click through to the main content on your website or social media.

  1. Pick a Main Call-to-Action

You can have a few different messages in your newsletter but you need to have one main call-to-action to get your readers to click through to the place you want them to go.

Getting email marketing right is not an easy task but these 6 steps will help you create email newsletters that are useful to your audience and help you to gain new business. If the thought of email marketing makes your head hurt, get in touch with us and find out how our marketing services could help you out.

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