How to be Content with Your Content

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In a previous blog aptly titled ‘How to make headlines with our mind-blowing tips’, I offered insight to what it takes to grab the attention of straying visitors to your blog or article. In this blog, I want to share some ways you can create content that will keep them there and effectively turn visitors into readers.

Where to start?
Before you attempt to put pen to paper or finger to tablet, consider what you’re aiming to achieve with the output. As with any decision-making, it can be useful to ask yourself the five Ws – Who, What, Why, Where and When – as well as a H – How.

Who are you writing for?
Always consider your target audience so that you can construct content in a way that will appeal to them. You want to write something that is useful for them to read, that they will want to share with other people. Try and think about what your audience might already be reading on other sites. Anticipate the questions they might be asking and provide them with the answers.

What should you write about?
Clearly the topic will depend on your industry and type of business but here are some pointers for deciding on your subject:

• Brainstorm – it sounds obvious but spending some quiet time by yourself and listing all your potential ideas is a good place to start. You could also try a group brainstorming session. Despite only needing one idea for your current blog, all the other suggestions you’ve come up with could inform the subject of future blogs.
• Review something – no matter what field you work in there will always be something relevant worth reviewing. A great way of creating content is to comment on a product/service and provide case studies of the best and worst examples in your industry. Just listing the pros and cons isn’t really enough so instead you should attempt to provide readers with a full evaluation covering what works with the example, why you like it and what you/your readers can learn from it.
• Recycle content – either re-use some of your own content (e.g. repost older posts with an updated explanation – useful for new visitors) or pull together content that’s already published elsewhere (e.g. list your top 10 industry blog posts from the last month).

Why are you creating the content?
As mentioned earlier, before you start writing you need to know what you want to achieve. New content can freshen up your site and contribute to your SEO ranking. It also signifies to visitors that it’s a site worth returning to. Content for content’s sake is not good and can clutter up a site so make sure that whatever you’re writing will add value.

Where is the content going?
Whilst content will always be produced with a primary marketing channel in mind (e.g. website blog), it’s also important to make it as shareable as possible via social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, to increase its visibility.

When will the content be published?
Ideally you should be publishing new material on a weekly basis. As mentioned above, new content serves many purposes so updating your site on a regular basis is recommended.

How can you be content?
No I’m not asking the impossible question ‘What’s the secret of happiness?’ but how you can produce content that ticks all the happy boxes. Top tips would be to put it in plain English so it is easy to read, be personable so your readers can relate to your story and make it shareable. Good luck!

This guest post was written by Rebecca Allen.

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