Choosing the right domain name – 5 simple things to remember

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The first pointer you need to remember is this: Go for a shorter domain name. Long names may mean something to you but they barely do to others. It is more practical to keep the name of your business short so people will easily remember and type it on the search engine or the browser. Normally, one or two words would do. If you want an addition, make sure you limit it to a total of four. Anything longer would already be a disaster.

The second pointer is this: Go for a .COM or .CO.UK extension. There are other popular extensions you can use such as .ORG or .NET. Search engine spiders don’t care about these extensions so in so far as ranking is concerned, there’s not a thing to worry about. However, it’s been proven long ago that .COM and .CO.UK are really what sticks to mind when it comes to URLs. In fact, some people even think that .COM is the same as the internet.

Tip number three: Do not misspell. Sure, many people commit spelling mistakes, but they don’t do that all the time. Besides, a misspelled word for a domain name somewhat sounds unprofessional. Good domain names don’t only sound good but also look good. “Tek, tipz, and trix” are a sore to the eyes, don’t you agree? Unless you want your prospective customers to squint or think that you’re venture is a mere run-on-the-mill, you’d better get your spelling right.

Tip number four: No hyphens, numbers, or special characters please. See, some have inclinations to put these characters in whatever name they think about. You know, email addresses, nametags, and the likes. While it may be OK in most occasions, it’s not so when creating a good domain name. See, the hyphens, numbers, and special characters can get people lost. Furthermore, they don’t look good when you read a name, so it’s a practical option not to include them. Stick to words or letters. They are always a lot easier to read and remember.

Fifth: Use a name that directly tells people of what you do or specialise in. A couple of examples are “SEO” and “Plumbing.” By their mere sight, you already have an idea of what the venture is about.

These are the important things you can follow to come up with a good domain name. Keep in mind that only a good name sticks and delivers. Hence, if you want your business to thrive, start by picking a name that can undoubtedly do wonders– one which people will like and remember.

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