The biggest cringeworthy Social Media moments of 2014

Social Media Reading Time: 2 minutes

The moment when certain social media users got it very VERY wrong.

1. The Daily Mail asks if anyone in Britain can make a sandwich

The Daily Mail asks if anyone in Britain can make a sandwich, after firm that supplies M&S and Tesco with its tasty lunches is forced to recruit 300 staff from Hungary. One of the most over the top headlines, it sparked a HUGE Twitter conversation.


This Twitter user hasn’t quite got the hang of it …

2. The Sexy Ebola Nurse Costume

Possibly the world’s most tasteless and insensitive Halloween costume? Featuring an Ebola white costume dress, face shield, and safety goggles. As the image of the “Sexy Ebola,” costume started making its way around the internet people generally agreed it was a tasteless idea for a costume. Turns out it all started as a Photoshop joke.


3. Sainsburys staff poster

A Sainsbury’s poster encouraging staff to make customers spend an extra 50p when in the supermarket was accidentally put in the front window making it visible to shoppers. After a user Tweeted the picture, Sainsburys later confirmed it was meant for their staff, safe to say we won’t be spending that 50p after all.


4. The Rita Ora Re-tweet

Arguably one of the biggest Twitter fails was the moment when Rita Ora promised to release her new single early if the message received 100,000 re-tweets. After a measly 2000 re-tweets from her 4 million followers resulted in the singer later deleting the tweet. Whoops.


5. U2’s Invasion

Another contender for the biggest social media fail of 2014 was the moment when U2 joined forces with Apple to force their new album onto 500 million desktops and iPhones, whether users wanted it or not. His generosity turned into a huge disaster when the complaints and criticism came in.


6. US Airways NSFW tweet

After a customer complained via Twitter, US Airways replied with an incredibly inappropriate tweet including a picture telling (and showing) the customer to put their complaint up their … um area. The tweet was deleted after, and the airline apologised but the internet never forgets.


7. LG mocks Apple’s bent iPhone

LG France mocked the iPhone 6 for it allegedly being bendable in pockets. The post showed that the Tweet was actually sent from an iPhone, probably not the best way ridicule the technology giant. In case you don’t speak French, the Tweet reads “our smartphones don’t bend, they are naturally curved ;).”

LGFrance8. This Crazy Fan

Need we say more.


Lessons learnt? Think about how your post could be interpreted, take responsibility of what you post and don’t be too proud to apologise. But most of all, don’t forget that the internet may forgive but it will never forget.