The Simple Secret To Avoiding Rubbish YouTube Videos

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A few years back, YouTube videos always entertained me because of their originality and quality that went into making them (at least a lot more so than today), however, as time’s gone on, I’ve noticed that I’m watching fewer YouTube videos, because they really aren’t that interesting anymore.

That’s where the new iPhone app ‘5by‘ comes in – it changes the whole video experience by learning what videos you enjoy, depending on the type of person you are, your interests and what you’ve got time for.
image2This app just makes sense, my iPhone’s always on me – from the moment I wake up, to work, to the toilet and back to bed again, it comes with me everywhere, and I don’t even have to search for any particular video, because 5by generates videos that it thinks I’d like to watch, and if I don’t, I can tell it that I don’t and just scroll through to another video!
image1The time meter is great and helps to eliminate videos that are too short or too long. The video player’s great too, but still a tad glitchy (the app is in it’s early stages, expect it to be sorted out soon). The UI is great too, fitting in with the look of iOS7 perfectly with beautiful time lapses playing in the background while selecting video options.
image35by is being sold on the app store for the brilliant price of FREE, so there’s really no excuse not to download it and make 5by your video concierge!

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