Advertising… in a Roundabout way.

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In this day and age, when you think about how you can advertise your business you typically think about online marketing. As an agency ourselves we see clients all of the time considering other options to outreach and to raise brand awareness. Our motto is think outside of the box and try something new. Allocate some budget aside for alternative marketing ideas.

We run all kinds of marketing for our clients, from on page SEO to digital PR and for ourselves, we’ve tried lots over the years. 

When we reviewed our own marketing campaigns back in March we decided to try some roundabout advertising! Sponsoring Fareham in Bloom we’re not just promoting our brand but giving the local community a boost as well. 

We’re sponsoring 4 roundabouts for the next 12 months in and around Fareham. 

Here are some pictures:

We’ve had loads of our clients call to say they’ve seen them! We think it’s a great investment, whilst supporting the local in Bloom campaign.

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