6 Amazing (And Completely Free) Time Savers For Designers!

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The internet isn’t just full of funny cat videos, it also has its share of brilliant time-saving and extremely useful micro sites (and to make it even better, every site on this list is completely free to use!)

1. Gratisography

freepicsRyan McGuire has kindly set up Gratisography to provide 100% free high-res images, that can be used in both personal and commercial projects (with absolutely no copyright restrictions!)

2. Down For Everyone or Just Me?

downformeEver find a page that’s broken or doesn’t appear to be online and wonder, is it down for everyone or just me? In which case, isup.me is the perfect site for you, allowing you to find out whether it’s just your computer or their server.

3. TinyPNG

tinypngSaving storage space and compressing files to create a quick and easy to use website is made easy by TinyPNG, which shrinks all .png files without drastically lowering the image quality!

4. Copy Paste Character

copypastecharacterLooking for characters to use in a document or on your website? Copy Paste Character is an excellent resource that filters characters into specific groups to help you find what you’re looking for quickly! Just click on the character and copy it from the top!

5. RWD Bookmarklet

rwdSimply drag the RWD (responsive web design) bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar and click it whilst on any page to test it’s responsibility on other devices (tablet portrait, tablet landscape, mobile portrait and mobile landscape!)

6. Support Details

supportNeed to diagnose someone’s website problems? Send them to supportdetails.com and get them to take a screenshot or use the email field at the top of the page!

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