6 Amazing Design Resources That You Never Knew About

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Need a hand creating a beautiful design? In this list, we’ll run down 6 amazingly useful graphic and web design resources that you (probably) don’t know about! Make sure to tell us which of the resources below helped you by messaging us on Facebook or Twitter

1. TinEye Creative Commons Multicolr Search

tineyeSearching through over 10 million Creative Commons images on Flickr, the TinEye Multicolr Search lets you to choose up to 5 colours and the percentage of each, allowing you to find the perfect photo for your project’s colour scheme!

2. Logo Inspiration

logosNeed some inspiration to come up with a kick ass logo? Look no further than Logopond, a website full of some of the very best logos and concepts created by top class designers!

3. CSS3 Animations

css3If you want to jazz up your website with some professional CSS3 animations, then this is the perfect resource for you, just download the .CSS file and follow the instructions for quick and simple animations!

4. Popular UI PSDs

uisLooking for the perfect mock-up templates? Check out this brilliant site with several big name UIs, including Google Maps, Facbook, Apple and more, all of which are available for free PSD download!

5. Screen Sizes

sizesIf you’re designing for mobile, tablet or monitors, then check out screensiz.es – a massive list of specs for all sorts of different devices! Very useful.

6. Damteq

damteqAnd the best resource of all – us! If you’re in need of graphics or a website design, get in touch with Damteq today!

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