5 Super Cool Tech Products We Really Want This Year!

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2014 is going to be a MASSIVE year for technology, so we’ve looked through what’s out and what’s coming out over the next 12 months, and picked out our top 5 favourite tech products!

1. Panono

This wacky looking football is actually a brilliant new device, which when thrown in the air automatically takes a 360 degree panorama using 36 2MP cameras, similar to what you see on Google Street View. Chuck this around and perfectly capture a moment in its entirety!

2. iDevice iGrill 2

A pocket-size grilling tool that takes the effort out of checking your BBQ! Stick the prongs into the meat and monitor your food from the smartphone app, complete with notifications once done, giving you more time to drink in the sun!

3. Spaced360

Quite possibly the next big thing in Bluetooth speakers, the Spaced360 aims to be placed in the middle of a room and provide the same sound quality regardless of where you are in relation to it. Sound quality is said to be excellent, but for £250 we should hope it is!

4. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon recently unveiled their entry into the ‘streaming media device’ market and it appears to be one of the best yet. This thing has loads of services crammed into its tiny shell and with a controller accessory available, casual gaming enters the mix too!

5. Zuta Pocket Printer

Currently still in the funding stage, this pocket printer moves around on the paper, printing as it goes – meaning that you can print, anywhere. Awesome.

Which products are you looking forward to in 2014? Let us know on Twitter!

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