5 Web Design Tips for Small Business

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The Importance of the Small Business Website 

Your website is a very valuable tool for your business, and keeping it fresh and up to date is vital if you want to continue attracting new customers, as well as keeping the old ones coming back.

But how do you keep it looking and feeling like a successful small business? Amy Harris, Community Manager for Expert Market UK (see her website here) offers you some web design tips for your business. They could help you vamp up your website, and make it stand out to any potential new customers.

5 Tips For Building Your Small Business Website

1. Keep It Simple
If you don’t get it right on your introduction page, it won’t matter how good your content is. A simple and clean-cut professional design will make your content much easier to read and navigate and will keep your visitors reading on for longer.

Flashing images may seem like a good idea at the time, but they can be distracting and may slow your website down.

2. Use Text Sparingly
With so much competition for your visitors’ time, you need to capture and hold their attention quickly and effectively. Content that’s too wordy wastes time, and nobody will want to hang around scanning lots of text to get to the important bits.

Make sentences brief and to the point and, where possible, add images that showcase your product and back up what you are saying.

Short video clips are a good way to create a more informal feel to your site, and help to break up text for a more all-round engaging experience with your product.

3. Keep Things Fresh By Blogging
A blog is a fantastic way to add content to your website. By making a commitment to add to your blog every few days, visitors will know that your website is fresh and lively.

A blog can also keep your visitors coming back and even bookmarking your site to keep up with what you’re doing.

Inviting readers to write a guest blog post can also help to create an even bigger buzz to your website, and show that you’re ready and willing to interact with your customers.

4. Don’t Forget Calls To Action

Your website is your 24/7/365 business presence, but you can’t be available all of the time to promote your business. Inviting your visitors to actually do something on your website could be the difference between securing their custom and losing them to a competitor. The ‘calls to action’ you can offer will depend on what your product is, or the type of small business you are running.

For example, if you’re selling software you’ve written, you could put in place a ‘Free 30 Day Trial’. Another example would be a quote calculator, or a site evaluation. Whichever option you choose, make sure it works efficiently and that it doesn’t waste your reader’s time.

5. Get Mobile!
With an increasing number of people working on the move, you can expect a large proportion of your visitors to be using a mobile device.

Make sure that the design of your website will stand the test of time by making it mobile friendly, and let your visitors see that you are capable of moving your business with the times.

Keeping Up The Good Work
Using these tips can help you make your website a worthwhile place for new and old customers to spend time.

Once you’ve tackled all of the really important areas, don’t be afraid to inject something of your own personality, as your customers will appreciate getting a feel for who you are, as well as what your business is about.

It’s also a great way of balancing your content and keeping it just entertaining enough to hold the reader’s interest for that bit longer.

These pointers from Amy provide great insight for small businesses, but the team here at Damteq understand the amount of time needed to get this right for your company. Damteq can take this off your hands and expertly craft a bespoke website for your business as well as support your marketing, social media activity and SEO needs. Call or email us today to discuss you requirements!

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