5 Favourite Festive Christmas Adverts

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With only a few more sleeps left until Christmas, it’s time to summarise our favourite festive adverts that we’ve seen on the TV and online!

1. Harvey Nichols – ‘Sorry I Spent It On Myself’ Gift Collection

Harvey Nichols has brilliantly marketed their upmarket pricing in their Christmas ad this year. The ‘Harvey Nichols Sorry I Spent It On Myself Gift Collection’ is all about self-indulgence during the festive period; getting something nice for yourself and not as much for others. Brilliantly funny.

2. M&S – Christmas Fairytale

This advert starring big names such as Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley, David Gandy and Helena Bonham Carter obviously had a massive budget, and it shows in the production, resembling that of a Hollywood movie, this small narrative perfectly pays homage to Alice In Wonderland. The memorable twitter hashtag ‘#MagicandSparkle’ accompanies the ad and will surely help to send customers in M&S’ direction this Christmas.

3. Morrisons – Go On… It’s Christmas

Starring regular Morrisons ad duo Ant and Dec, this upbeat CGI Christmas advert is accompanied by a Christmas themed take on Beauty and the Beast’s ‘Be Our Guest’. The advert showcases the supermarket’s holiday range of food and closes on a cliffhanger as to whether or not the singing and dancing gingerbread man is eaten by Dec.

4. John Lewis – Bear and Hare

And of course; the Christmas advert that everyone’s been talking about or at least seen and remembered (most probably because it came out at the beginning of November), set to a cover of Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ performed by Lily Allen, this magical animated campaign is continued with both ‘Bare’ and ‘Hare’ twitter accounts. Cute.

5. KFC – Xmas Come Together

I’m not too sure if this one’s funny or cringey, an ad about Christmas time and random people coming together to eat KFC for what looks like Christmas dinner, odd.

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