5 Awesome Stories You Need To See This Week

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It’s been a lovely long weekend, so when we got back in the office we caught up with all the latest news and created this list for our top 5 stories from this week. Find out what’s been going on below!

1. Game Boy’s 25th Anniversary

gameboy - Digital Marketing Agency
Feeling old yet? Monday marked the 25th anniversary of the original Game Boy’s release, which made its début appearance in Japan on April 21, 1989. Even with numerous iterations after the handheld’s release, the Game Boy is still known for bringing gaming outside of the house.

2. Skip Ad Project

skipad - Digital Marketing Agency
The ‘Skip Ad Project’ believes that advertising should be relevant and change are lives for the better. Stickers are printed in the style of the advert skipping button seen on YouTube, stuck on irrelevant ads and shared up on the official project website.

3. Germ Alarm

germalarm1 - Digital Marketing Agency
According to Safeguard, 1 in 3 people don’t wash their hands after using a public toilet. To combat this problem, they invented a ‘Germ Alarm’, which is set off after they exit a cubicle, to stop the alarm, the user must press a button which dispenses hand wash – clever!

4. Piamo All-In-One Espresso Shot

coffee - Digital Marketing Agency
If you’re in a rush and need a caffeine boost, the Piamo is for you! Using a microwave, this little all-in-one device makes an espresso in just 30 seconds, see you later Starbucks! Find out more on the English website, here.

5. The A–Z Alphabet Sandwich

azsandwich - Digital Marketing Agency
And finally, something completely unrelated! If you’re feeling hungry, you should look away now, we had to rotate the picture to fit it in – it’s that big. This mammoth sandwich from the US has an ingredient for every letter of the alphabet, including; fish sticks, garlic bread, a Krispy Kreme doughnut, a turkey burger and 21 other ingredients. Yum.

What are your favourite stories from this week? Let us know on Twitter!