4 Key Care Home Web Design Factors

Website Design Reading Time: 2 minutes

When looking at website design through the scope of a specific industry such as the care Industry there are four design factors you need to keep considered when composing your initial design.

Content Accessibility

With any website easy access to the content you want your users to perceive is paramount, but even more so when designing for the care industry. You need to account for your target audience, If your target audience are predominantly the elderly you need to ensure your navigation is clear and easy to use, all relevant content is easily accessed and labelled & all Call to actions are obvious and prominent in the design.

Audience Friendly Global Styles

The same consideration needs to be taken with your global styles, using suitable fonts and graphics for target audience is also very essential when developing a product for the care industry. You need to consider eliminating hard to read fonts (such serif fonts) and small bodies of text, your global font settings need to be adjusted to cater for your elderly audience.

You may also want to consider keeping your text bodies short on any call to actions or actionable areas, too much text may disengage your audience.

Conscious Content

The tone of voice and content curation for your website also needs to be taken into consideration. Although you may want to portray your care establishment as friendly, it is quite easily to for this come across as unprofessional if over done. The ideal content would represent your business as professional & trustworthy, as well as friendly.

Finding the balance is important as you don’t want to be perceived as overly formal as this may have a uninviting appeal.

Solid Optimisation

Good multiscreen optimisation is essential for the majority of websites, if the experience of your website doesn’t translate well into mobile you’re going to have a problem with keeping your users there. The majority of users will most likely be viewing your website via a tablet or mobile so making sure your website is easy to use and navigate is paramount.

Also it should be considered that Google ranks for mobile optimised websites, so if your site doesn’t rank with google you could possibly loose your rank position. Mobile optimisation is a fundamental part of all web design in modern times.

Overall any good website design comes from solid background research on your audience, tone voice, industry and design. You need to factor all this into your development process in order to fine tune a web experience that’s perfect for your users. If you continue maintaining and analysing your audience and there best preferences, you can apply that information to make a better design experience.

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