7 Stupidly Simple Technology Hacks You Didn’t Know About

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Technology is brilliant, giving us access to things that we never thought possible only a few decades ago. But there are quicker and smarter ways of using it, so here are 7 technology life hacks that you (probably) didn’t know about!

1. Dropped your phone down the toilet? Put it in an air tight bag with rice or silica gel to soak up the moisture!
technology iphone hack
2. A lot of people know that you can tap the space bar to scroll down a webpage, but did you know that if you hold the shift key at the same time, it’ll scroll back up again?

3. While talking through a presentation, a PowerPoint slide can sometimes be distracting to your audience, simply press “b” or “w” to black out or white out a slide and retain their attention!

4. Always losing your cables? Attach a few binder clips to your desk and keep them organised!
binder clip hack
5. Get the definition of a word by using Google, type “define” followed by the word that you want to understand.

6. Highlight a word by double clicking it, don’t bother highlighting it. Try it now!

7. Apple charger always breaking? Yeah, it’s not uncommon! Simply take a pen spring and wrap it around the charger cord, preventing it from bending and breaking!
iphone charger hack

And there you have it, 7 technology life hacks that’ll help reduce wasted time and money!

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