7 Awesome Gifts We Want This Christmas

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T’is the season of giving and receiving, so we’ve rounded up 7 of our favourite gifts that we’d like to see under the Christmas tree this year!

1. Rhino Shield iPhone Protector (£17.99)

This screen saviour has to be seen to be believed, we didn’t think it was possible either. For iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C and the 5S, Rhino Shield will protect your device from high impact hits, as well as being scratch and smudge resistant too!

2. Bluetooth Gloves (£49.99)

These gloves turn your hand into a phone, and if the picture above doesn’t make you want a pair, we don’t know what will! Simply sync your phone to the gloves via Bluetooth, press the answer button and then make the ‘hand phone’ shape. Brilliant.

3. Arcane Arcade Table (£4,000)

With over 100 games preloaded (and many more available to download for free) this coffee table hides a brilliant arcade controller underneath, allowing you to play all your favourite arcade classics! But if you don’t feel like playing games, you can always watch movies on it, or even, use it as a coffee table!

4. Bacon Toothpaste (£6.99)

We can’t tell if this is a good idea or not to be honest, while smoky bacon may taste delicious, we’re not too sure how this one makes your breath smell. Maybe we’ll pass on this one.

5. Swiss Army Knife iPhone Case ($100)

For the adventurer in you! This smart case will keep everything in one place for long walks through forests, camping trips or simply carrying out daily activities (if you daily activities for some reason require you to carry knives with you that is).

6. Monkeylectric LED Bike Light (£39.99)

These lights attach to your bike’s spokes and create the illusion of different pictures, patterns and more – these LED lights are both great for safe cycling and awesome to look at!

7. The Helicycle

A two-seater street-legal ride, capable of hitting speeds of around 112mph, the Helicycle is yours for just $295,000…

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