New App, ‘Paper’ Makes Facebook Beautiful To Use

Facebook recently announced that they’ve been working on a re-imagined version of Facebook for iOS devices, known as ‘Paper’, a beautiful standalone app.

The first noticeable change is that it has a completely new look and feel. Full size photos take up more of your newsfeed, statuses are stripped down to just the text and ads are gone (at least for now)! All of this and an intuitive UI make ‘Paper’ a killer social media download, and might just make the original app obsolete. We reckon that Paper will take the slot where the Facebook app icon used to sit when we get our hands on it!

The app released February 3rd, but there’s one slight problem, it’s not anything within the app, it’s the distribution – unfortunately for 95% of the world’s population, Paper is only available in the US. The reason we won’t get it is due to the Facebook team in the UK being too small to work on it.

Devastating. We’ll be hoping for an international release some point this year.

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Adam Smith
Adam founded Damteq back in 2006 and has been growing the company year on year ever since. Adam's expertise includes Design, Development, SEO, Marketing as well as Management, Strategic Planning and Business Growth. In his spare time, he loves playing snooker and looking after his young family.
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