7 Hilariously Pointless Websites That You Really (Don’t) Need To See (But Should Do Anyway!)

Most websites are created for a specific purpose, to serve a business or to inform its viewers. But there’s also another side to the internet, the straight out pointless websites, which coincidentally, happen to be confusing and hilarious…

1. Koalas To The Max

koalastothemaxIt may just like like a bunch of circles, but hover your cursor over them and they will continue to divide until they reveal a cute picture of a koala made up of thousands of tiny dots!

2. Random Colour

randomcolourYup! You would never have guessed it, but randomcolour.com generates a random block of colour every time you load up the page.

3. Is It Christmas?

isitchristmasJust in case you weren’t aware that Christmas day is on the 25th December (as it is every year), then isitchristmas.com is for you, a daily reminder that it isn’t Christmas Day for 364 days of the year.

4. Blue Ball Machine

blueballmachineThe Blue Ball Machine is a mesmerising set of animated GIFs that loop perfectly to create the illusion of a continuous production line of blue balls.

5. Pointer Pointer

pointerThis site locates your cursor (or ‘pointer’) and shows a picture of a random person pointing at your ‘pointer’. There are hundreds of different positions and people pointing, give it a try!

6. Nelson Haha

nelsonhahaEver want to laugh at someone but can’t find the way to properly communicate it online? Send your friends to nelson-haha.com and get the job done.

7. Annoying Cursor

annoyingThe picture for this one has been changed to try and represent how annoying this website is, but it doesn’t do it justice, just go to annoyingcursor.com and become annoyed.


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